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Tips for HR Leaders, DEI Professionals, and Allies: Strategies to Overcome DEI Fatigue and Burnout

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a complex and ongoing process that requires constant attention and effort. As a DEI or HR leader, you...

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How to Create a Stress-Less Week with an Effective Sunday Routine

Sundays, the last gasp of freedom before another grueling workweek?  Please! As women, we know how to juggle work, family, friends, and "me time" like...

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Set Up Your Week on Sunday Like the BadAss Woman You Are | The JOYFullBadAPP

For many of us, Sunday is often the most dreaded day of the week—it’s when the Sunday Scaries strike! That deep feeling of dread...

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5 Mindset Shifts to Supercharge Productivity for Badass Female Entrepreneurs!

Listen up, ladies! I know the struggle of being an overloaded female entrepreneur all too well. You’re trying to juggle everything – the business,...

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Declutter Your Mental Closet & Revitalise Your Soul

Clear your mind, declutter your life. Get rid of the beliefs holding you back and unlock your potential. Understanding Limiting Beliefs Limiting beliefs are thoughts or...

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Unlocking Success: How Micro Learning with AI-generated Content Helps Subject Matter Experts Create Micro Learning that Sells

Hey there! Are you a coach, consultant, or author eager to smash your revenue goals and level up your professional game? Well, buckle up...

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6 Tips to Live a JOYFull Life – Advice From a JOYFull Coach

Happiness may be fleeting, but JOY is here to stay; it's the critical ingredient you need in your life right now! With so much...

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I am a rebellious, rule-breaking entrepreneur on fire to help my fellow female entrepreneurs avoid or eliminate burnout. After 25 years of assisting schools and small businesses with process design, internal structure,...read more

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