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At AskYourGirls, building your dreams isn’t a solo venture. Our passionate group of female entrepreneurs is dedicated to helping you transform dreams into reality. Create and collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals who want to see you succeed.
Don’t overpay for developers or wade through confusing website jargon. Instead, let us help you build your custom website. Then, we’ll help you promote your brand via features on our website. We care about your success and want to help you live the life of your dreams.
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Our collaborative community of women are just like you. If you’re a dedicated business owner who is eager to succeed and passionate about what you do, we can help. You’re not alone! Are you ready to tap into our unmatched support, encouragement and inspiration? Sign up for a FREE trial today and tap into a team that is just as dedicated to your success as you are. Don’t fight these battles alone – we’re here for you.

Powered by Women

Serena Kim

As a lifelong traveler Serena truly believes the world is our oyster. Creating the vision of how to help entrepreneurs is a talent that comes naturally since her professional career has been helping business owners develop brands, market, and build wealth.

Serena’s goal with AYG is creating a centralized platform to encourage women to follow their passion and pave their own path doing what they love. Most importantly she wants women not to give up and know the possibilities are endless when you realize you’re not alone!

Kaushal Patel

Kaushal never dreamed of being in the limelight, and she’ll tell you that her television career all happened by accident. Her favorite part was sharing people’s stories with the world.

Just like her career was not planned, the lucky stars aligned and Kaushal & Serena merged their skill sets of web development, public relations, producing, writing and hosting into this productive platform for woman to build each other up. Aren’t you curious to see what your potential can be during this short time on earth?

The Story of AYG

You can count on quite a few bumps along the journey of life. Many times, it’s our girls who help us realize those mountains are just molehills. Society puts immense pressure on women these days. Whether it’s, “Why aren’t you married?”, struggling to have a child, keeping our youth, or just fitting in. All of this, while having to support yourself, compete and succeed in the workplace…that’s apropos of how AskYourGirls started.

The story of how the creators of AYG met is classic: Picture downtown socialite meets yoga/surfer girl…ex-boyfriends, hard times, career path changes from the limelight of television, soul searching and learning to follow our dreams.

AskYourGirls was born from a realization that women may be struggling with the same issues as the girl next door. We learned to lean on each other and wanted to create a safe space for other women to do the same.

Living in a new normal and navigating through a world-wide pandemic in 2020, we’ve all had to pivot our businesses. Now more than ever we need to collaborate, to help bring out the creators inside all of us and live the life we’ve always dreamed.

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