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About Shilpa

I am the host of the Omni Mindfulness Podcast Show, a Holistic Mindfulness Coach, and a Social Marketing Strategist.

Over the course of my life experiences, I have cultivated an “embodied awareness” framework, which I utilize to support female entrepreneurs to thrive personally and professionally in the modern digital age.

My Journey

My journey began with a Hindu upbringing in the US, raised by immigrant Indian parents in the 70s, where I experienced the blessings of being raised in a lifestyle of spirituality which shaped me early on to prioritize inner growth.

During my childhood, I learned meditation under the ancient Indian Vedic System, and as I grew, I delved deeper into studying Kriya Yoga meditation techniques under the influence of my yoga guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. This journey led to my initiation as a Kriyaban Yogi in the Self Realization Fellowship lineage. As I continued my pursuit of wisdom, I obtained multiple yoga certifications, expanding my knowledge of Vedic and Yogic teachings.

During my upbringing, I also experienced the challenges of a patriarchal culture, which helped me learn the importance of pursuing higher education and shining the light on women’s equality, as well as the importance of finding my voice.

While pursuing a Master’s in Information and Computer Science, and throughout most of my 20+ years navigating the corporate technology space, as a User Experience Researcher, I would experience the challenges many women face in working in a male-dominated field.

Even after reaching the pinnacle of success both personally and professionally, I often struggled with the feelings of being unfulfilled, stuck, and overwhelmed. 

In late 2015, my life took a significant turn when the untimely passing of my mother prompted me to pause and pivot my professional path. My son, Omni, became my greatest inspiration and the driving force behind my transformation.

In 2020, I acquired my Sura Flow Meditation Coaching Certification, skillfully blending classic meditation techniques with a softer, more feminine approach to empower others in cultivating energy flow, creativity, and inner guidance for self-realization.

Omni Mindfulness Coaching is Born

Establishing my coaching business, Omni Mindfulness, was the manifestation of my vision to raise global awareness for living a holistically harmonious life.

As a Holistic Mindfulness Coach and Social Marketing Strategist, I serve high-functioning female entrepreneurs who cultivate mindfulness skills to be more balanced both personally and professionally. My approach combines mindfulness techniques of meditation, strategic mindset tools through the science of neuroplasticity, and heart-centered living principles, to empower women on their transformative journey.

What sets my brand apart is in leading with heart-centered intuition balanced with a strategic mindset, to support female entrepreneurs.

Omni Mindfulness Podcast 

My story is rooted in my personal and professional experiences.

I intimately understand the pressures and challenges faced by women in both personal and professional spheres.

My podcast was created with the desire to shine light on the stories of inspiring souls, and showcasing the voice and stories of fellow females. Resilience has been a constant companion on my path, nurtured by my spiritual and mindfulness practices. Many of us are resilient and earn to use our voices to tell our stories.

Through my podcast, I create a platform where listeners can access inspirational stories, practical tips, and mini-guided meditations that help them become more present and mindful in their fast-paced lives.

But it doesn’t stop there. My podcast guests, who come from both the mindfulness space and the world of online entrepreneurship, share their experiences and expertise, providing valuable insights and guidance on how to thrive as a business owner in the digital age.

Omni Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

What my clients struggle with is the lack of support to be more mindfully strategic in their business. This is why I recently obtained professional certification as a Social Marketing Strategist.

With my recent certification from AWAI (American Writing & Art Institute), led by the esteemed Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith, I have expanded and fortified my coaching repertoire by adding Social Marketing Strategist to my skill set.

This strategic certification equips me with the tools and knowledge to help my clients navigate social media marketing strategically, turning their online presence into a powerful tool for growth, visibility, and connection.

I combine my years of education and experience in technology with my mindfulness coaching skills to uniquely serve my audience.

My mission is to empower female entrepreneurs with skills, tools, and techniques so that they may strategically position themselves for success, increase their visibility, and showcase their brand and message in the digital landscape.

Join me on this exciting journey of unlocking your full potential, elevating your brand, and creating a thriving, purpose-driven business.

My passion lies in empowering individuals to find their voice, make a meaningful impact, and achieve their professional goals. By combining mindfulness coaching with strategic marketing expertise, I offer a comprehensive approach that enables my clients to navigate the complexities of the modern business world with confidence and clarity.

Let’s spark AWARENESS of your authentic self and witness your light shine brightly on Earth’s stage with your Soulful Swagger!

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Holistic Mindfulness Coach & Social Marketing Strategist

Words To Live By

In a world that constantly asks us to dim our lights and shrink ourselves, courage and resilience become our superpowers. We rise when we choose authenticity over perfection, and embrace vulnerability as a source of strength. True courage is showing up as our imperfect, fierce selves and daring greatly in the face of adversity. Dr. Brene Brown

Meet Shilpa

I am the host of the Omni Mindfulness Podcast Show, a Holistic Mindfulness Coach, and a Social Marketing Strategist. Over the course of my life experiences, I have cultivated an "embodied awareness" framework, more

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