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12-Minute Guided Meditation to Discover Your Passion & Purpose

Here is a gift for my Ask Your Girls Community!  A 12-minute Guided Meditation to Discover Your Passion & Purpose 

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Fireside Chats: Illuminating Passion & Purpose

Exploring Soulful Swagger Pioneers Do you ever find yourself reflecting on passion and purpose, and feel like those are lofty ideals reserved for extraordinary souls...

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A Bold Voyage to Your Passion & Purpose

The Science of Spirituality Series: Role of Dharma & ArchetypesHave you ever wondered, amidst the chaos of emails, endless to-do lists, and juggling countless...

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Cultivating Awareness for Mental Health & Resilience

The Science of Spirituality Series: On Awareness Delving into the realm of spirituality uncovers a treasure trove of ancient wisdom and modern research that illuminates...

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Heart Talks: Whispers from Souls Aligned in Heart-Centered Awareness

To me, living a heart-centered life of service means wholeheartedly embracing the innate goodness within ourselves and extending that love and compassion to others....

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7 Practical Ways to Live a Heart-Centered Life

Awakening Your Sunlit Heart In the tapestry of my life, there are moments and people who serve as catalysts, awakening my heart and expanding my...

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Music’s Heart-Centered Healing Magic

Co-written with Sound Healer, Niobe Weaver In a world where stress and uncertainty are constant companions, I often find solace and healing in the most...

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Holistic Mindfulness Coach & Social Marketing Strategist

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In a world that constantly asks us to dim our lights and shrink ourselves, courage and resilience become our superpowers. We rise when we choose authenticity over perfection, and embrace vulnerability as a source of strength. True courage is showing up as our imperfect, fierce selves and daring greatly in the face of adversity. Dr. Brene Brown

Meet Shilpa

I am the host of the Omni Mindfulness Podcast Show, a Holistic Mindfulness Coach, and a Social Marketing Strategist. Over the course of my life experiences, I have cultivated an "embodied awareness" framework, more

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