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About Natalie

Hey there,

My name is Natalie Nicole Tucker (Sychocka). I am from Tampa Bay, Florida and have over 10 years of experience in social media marketing.

I started Consulting as a freelancer during the pandemic, when I decided to reinvent myself and pivoted away from Network Marketing. I have previously lead Top Leader teams in multiple MLM companies and rebranding myself and my team to grow into social selling success. I have a keen sense for content strategy and graphic design which makes me unique with how I tie psychology into posting, photography and utilize tasteful marketing tactics. I pride my work to not be spammy yet assertive enough to get the job done.

Since 2020, I have worked with dozens of start up companies, people with visions that needed help to launch their ideas to the public and stagnant businesses that wanted a new edge for their brands. I am extremely organized and love helping people find their niche to maximize their efforts for more profits.

Samples of my bio upgrades can be found on my Instagram. Listed below are my skill sets:

1. Copy/Content Writing: I am naturally drawn to writing and love to include real life scenarious in my posts. I’ve created thousands of Calls-to-Action, tag-lines, social media posts, bios, sales ads, and stories postings that tell stories. I’m also a talented editor and have never had an unsatisfied client in this area, they will send me posts as rough drafts and I will tweak them to be esthetically pleasing.


2.Social media account management:  I help clients with daily posts and marketing strategy implementation. I am also versed with Facebook groups to design/ schedule posts ahead of time. In addition, I’ve helped clients improve their overall presentation on social media with a specialty on Instagram. Highlights, stories to fill them, bio upgrades, and flow of traffic as well as organically increasing your followers is my strength. Clients have seen increases of 30-50% in under a month and some even reached 10k followers effortlessly due to my guidance.


3. Graphic Design: I enjoy working on brand with Canva to help you design social media posts, brochures, logos, business cards, presentations, stories posts, etc. I’ve also created PowerPoint presentations, Reels/video stories posts, showcased testimonials and more. I also have experience with many trendy social media apps and am always eager to learn new content creation methods!


4. Research: I’m very good at asking questions and discovering the true need of my clients. I attribute this by understanding the bigger picture and often times see long term visions which means the job gets done faster for you. Clients are usually impressed by the ideas that are delivered, but there may be a little fine-tuning during the beginning stages. I will always try to keep your suggestions in mind and make sure both sides are happy. I am very flexible as your voice also matters to me.


5. Analysis: As previously noted, I have an excellent eye for what’s NOT working which also means I will start planning & improvising in my head as soon as the project is presented to me. I’ve offered feedback on logos, business plans, graphic design, websites, and countless other things. I live a spirit driven life and have been blessed with strong discernment and wisdom as a means to guide others.

Thank you for reading my page! If you are interesting in working with me, let’s connect to see if we are a good fit! You can schedule a call with me here!



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I am a marketing coach and social media mastermind!

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Meet Natalie

Hey there, My name is Natalie Nicole Tucker (Sychocka). I am from Tampa Bay, Florida and have over 10 years of experience in social media marketing. I started Consulting as a more

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