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Black Swan is an online tea store that delivers locally handcrafted designer teas that are blended in Maryland. The company believes that tea is more than a part of the day, more than a cup in the morning or night. It is more than a cup or two when you are sick or about to be sick. Tea is more than a simple beverage at meals. It is a hidden culture that is a part of our daily routines. It is a part of art and can potentially have connoisseurship similar to wine. The product is the by-product of the owner’s background knowledge, both naturally and professionally in the hospitality industry, coupled with creativity. Teas are purposefully handpicked and then blended into exceptional, unique flavors. As expertise continues, there is a drive to expand the knowledge of tea and the culture into the community. It is the determination to all that is required within by being the best, by uplifting, encouraging, sharing love, joy, and blessings to the industry, locally, regionally, costal, and naturally. Though the menu is small, it is ever-growing. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can receive notifications on new blends and seasonal rotations. Here’s a quill: Eventually, we will have a subscription box to deliver unique blends to your doorstep before release.

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