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Private Mentorship to Help Your Spiritual Business Grow

"After 10 years as a professional psychic medium & my experience as a tax manager, I believe I can help students transform their lives...

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7 Tips to Manifest Your Dream Life

As the year is coming to a close and a new one begins, now is the perfect time to manifest your dream life. Take...

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Align in Nine: Change Your Life in 9 Minutes

Taking a mere 9 minutes daily to align your energy can change your life. Every morning we wake up to a lists of “to...

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6 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Want to develop your intuition and connection to Spirit? Start by playing in the Spirit Sandbox! As life starts to weigh us down, we become...

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How to Release a Toxic Relationship

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? One in which you feel as if you've lost yourself and your identity? We have all...

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8 Essential Exercises for Self-Love

Many times we tend to take care of others before we exercise our own self-love. This can leave us feeling isolated and frustrated with our...

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5 Signs of Spirit Communication

How many times do you wish you could see or hear your loved ones in Spirit? I'm always surprised when a client tells me that...

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How to Start Fresh in 2022

Imagine if you could do it all over. Start fresh in 2022. Would you make the same choices? Would you choose to make the...

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Psychic Medium, Best-Selling Author, and Spiritual Coach

Meet Colby

Colby Rebel Psychic Medium is an International Psychic and Medium dedicated to serving spirit. She is a 3x best selling author, certified master spiritual teacher and motivational speaker. Her connection to more

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