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How to Naturally Boost Fertility

Fertility is the natural ability to conceive a child, and although it may seem a given capacity, many couples struggle with it. Unfortunately, infertility...

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How to Preserve your Fertility After Ovarian Cancer

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, a part of your life is put on hold, mainly with ovarian cancer, if you dream of becoming...

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Stress and Infertility

Infertility can vastly impact couples, affecting relationships with family and friends, creating financial difficulty, and influencing the relationship between partners and the couple’s sexual...

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I help women become mothers with mindset and holistic support

Meet Monica Bivas

Monica Bivas is a Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach, speaker, writer of the Book The IVF Planner ( and founder of The IVF Journey, an online community for women and couples more

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