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About margaret

Hi everyone!

My name is Maggi Nowlan, I love the concept of Ask Your Girls and im so excited to be here.

I do many things in life, but most importantly I do things that inspire me and allow me to bring more beauty, art, and healing into this world.

I teach yoga every week at studios in Encinitas and Del Mar (Asteya and Core Power Yoga). I am a certified Anthological Coach and I have learned so much through the program Accomplishment Coaching. I am also a certified Reiki Practitioner and studying my own/others energy is a true passion. My intuitive abilities allow me to also channel messages from your ancestors through oracle and tarot card readings. I am also currently studying jazz music and acting in college. Singing is a huge part of my journey and it is one of my true purposes to create beauty through sound. I love acting because it allows others to feel inspired and liek they are not alone.

If you have read this far you can see that I have a lot of different passions going on. One of the greatest things has been creating events and unique experiences for people to come feel, move energy, and inspire.

My partner Patch Croome is a wonderful musician so we have curated Acoustic Asana. In this sacred space, we combine Yin Yoga, Reiki Healing, Breath-work, Sound Healing, and Meditation all guided by live acoustic guitar and vocals. Patch and I are so grateful to be able to share our love for what guides our own healing journey for others. We truly feel that these events allow our love for each other to grow when we share what we love with you. Look out on the events page for monthly Acoustic Asana events.

I have also partnered with Tamara Rodriguez an Actress, Singer, and Yoga Instructor local to San Diego. We have created the Indigo Collective. This is a collective of artists and healers local to Southern California. We come together every month to collaborate and create unique once of a lifetime experiences for our community. From cold plunge, aura readings, facials, to a 4 course meal you will find that each event is different and holds intention for what our community is craving.

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"I've learned that people forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how they made you feel." Maya Angelou

Meet margaret

Hi everyone! My name is Maggi Nowlan, I love the concept of Ask Your Girls and im so excited to be here. I do many things in life, but most importantly more

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