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As a certified Career & Business Performance Coach, Lauren’s work is dedicated to helping women — largely women of color — get clear on the next steps to take in their careers (in corporate settings as well as independent entrepreneurship) and figure out how to show up as their whole, authentic selves in every aspect of life.

Prior to becoming a Career Coach, Lauren spent 13 years working in corporate. There, she went from entry-level to Director within 6 years, won multiple awards, spoke at several corporate events for women, black professionals and youth as well as assumed the role of marketing and communications lead for the Black Professionals Network.

Throughout her career, she has coached and mentored many in the professional space. Those who have benefited from her leadership, mentorship and coaching have gone on to build executive presence as well as earn promotions, exceptional performance ratings, and increased salaries. Lauren is an Associated Certified Coach (ICF Certified), Certified Personal & Business Performance Coach (ACSTH), EQ-i 2.0 Certified, and Project Management Professional (PMP).


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Executive Career Coach
Seeking the guidance of an executive career coach takes courage and determination. It can be challenging to identify your weaknesses and consistently work on improving them. However, professional assistance is crucial in all aspects of life. From our earliest days, our parents and older siblings have played a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Similarly, in our professional journeys, few individuals can navigate without guidance. A trusted confidant can be the catalyst for change, someone whose motivating words can propel you to new heights.
Corporate vs. Business
Regardless of whether you are in a corporate or business setting, without proper planning and effective strategies, your efforts may be in vain. In the business realm, your strategy should revolve around creating value for your organization by positioning your products and services relative to your competitors within the industry. On the other hand, in a corporate environment, your strategy involves managing a portfolio of specific products and services.
Executive Coach vs. Career Coach
Both executive coaching and career coaching involve working with individuals to enhance their job performance, but there are subtle differences between the two. Executive coaching benefits extend to the entire organization, while career coaching focuses on improving an individual’s career trajectory.
What if I offer you a combination of an executive and a career coach?
Yes, you heard it right!
Now that you understand the distinctions between the two, I would like to offer you the best of both worlds as a unified service. The benefits you’ll receive will be limitless, including:
Psychological Training
The first step towards improvement is psychological training. We have designed a comprehensive program that provides instructions and practical exercises to help you use relaxation techniques, concentration, imagery, goal setting, and energizing practices to enhance your career performance.
Increased Self-Confidence
A supportive guide will boost your self-confidence by empowering you to chart your own course, rather than confining you to a single path. You will be guided to focus on your interests and areas of expertise. Instead of being a jack of all trades, a true executive mentor will help you concentrate on your specific domain, take consistent steps forward, and achieve your goals, regardless of the time it takes.
Overcoming Isolation
For newcomers, fighting the feelings of solitude is crucial, as frustration and isolation can be common when starting a new venture. During your training, we will encourage you to stay connected with your peers, as this helps combat loneliness and fosters valuable relationships.
Leadership Skills
As your brand grows, developing strong leadership skills becomes essential. Embracing the power of social media is vital in today’s marketing landscape, making it easier to promote your brand compared to traditional methods. Connecting your brand to social media platforms right from the start will significantly increase your visibility among the public.
Enhanced Executive Presence
Working with a knowledgeable coach will refine your communication and influencing skills, allowing you to exude a stronger executive presence. Many learners rely on the support of their coaches not only to become better leaders but also to master the art of effective team management.
As a leadership developer, I believe in addressing weaknesses rather than solely focusing on identifying and celebrating your strengths. While it is important to be aware of your blind spots, the ultimate goal should be to become a brand champion in your relevant marketplace, harnessing your strengths to their fullest potential.

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As a certified Career & Business Performance Coach, Lauren’s work is dedicated to helping women — largely women of color — get clear on the next steps to take in their more

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