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At Escale we believe that every woman has the right to feel extraordinary day and night, with a unique style statement that speaks from her heart. Escale means ‘stopover’ in French & our brand is the fashion equivalent of stopping over to unlock the power of your own distinctive & confident style. Each piece is a celebration of the body through the perfect cut and silhouette.

About Ferzin

Escale is created by fashion entrepreneur Ferzin Irani. The brand combines the stunning simplicity of sustainable natural fabrics with the surprise of hand woven artisan art, empowering financial independence for the gifted women artisans. Values of an Escale design are to give a helping hand to the very people who have inspired the extraordinary in the brand.

Ferzin has pledged to empower financial independence in artisan communities supporting United Nations global goals #1 No poverty, #8 Decent work and economic growth, #10 Reduced inequalities.

Escale ensures through its founder’s vision that every collection is designed with a purpose and stitched with social responsibility. Escale is for influencers who choose to stand up with courage and make a difference and want their fashion to do the same. Social responsibility is woven into the designs, through active commitment to empower women artisans to build a better world for their families and empower buyers to make socially responsible choices.

Ferzin Irani studied fashion at the French Fashion University Esmod. Originally from Pune, India she grew up being inspired by her mum who also had a strong fashion background.

Fashion and social responsibility being the hallmark of Escale, Ferzin personally strives to look for ideas to actively contribute to society which in turn motivates her to multiply her efforts towards the cause in the innovative city of Dubai.

She strongly believes to be a great leader you can lead by example and change is initiated by one’s own efforts and vision first. Ferzin was acknowledged for her leadership skills by the Government of Abu Dhabi in 2015 for Women Leaders in UAE. She was also conferred the Women Super Achievers Award at the 6th World Women Leadership Congress in February 2019.

Ferzin Irani lives by the saying ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’ and endeavours to spread this message far & wide through her creative skills.

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Fashion Entrepreneur: Empowering Women Artisans and Handmade Art

Fashion entrepreneurs provide a unique platform for empowering women craftsmen and promoting handmade craftsmanship. With a focus on creativity, sustainability, and supporting local artistry, fashion entrepreneurs play a crucial role in showcasing the talent and skills of women technicians.


Enabling Women Artisans:

The fashion industry offers an opportunity to empower women as artisans by providing them with viable employment. Many women possess traditional skills in crafts like weaving, embroidery, and hand-painting, which showcased through fashion products. By collaborating with women experts, our fashion industry helps preserve and promote these skills, creating economic opportunities and empowering these talented individuals.


Preserving Cultural Heritage:

Handmade artistry is often deeply rooted in cultural heritage and traditions. We contribute to preserving cultural customs and legacies by incorporating handmade craftsmanship into fashion products. This helps prevent the loss of traditional crafts and techniques while celebrating the rich diversity of art forms from different regions.


Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

Our fashion industry embraces sustainability and ethical practices by supporting women technicians and handmade craftsmanship. Handmade products are often crafted using natural and sustainable materials, reducing the environmental impact compared to mass-produced items. Our entrepreneurs contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry by promoting slow fashion and fair trade principles.


Unique and Authentic Items:

Handmade craftsmanship brings a sense of uniqueness and authenticity to fashion products. Each piece carries the story and personal touch of the artisan, making it distinct and valuable. Our entrepreneurs leverage the sale of handmade craftsmanship to offer customers one-of-a-kind items that stand out in a mass-produced market. This uniqueness creates a niche market and attracts conscious consumers seeking individuality while supporting traditional craftsmanship.


Social Impact and Community Development:

Our business creates positive social impacts by engaging women technicians specializing in handmade craftsmanship. Support for this talent not only helps these artisans secure employment opportunities but also contributes to overall community development. The visionaries behind fashion enterprises ensure fair and inclusive working conditions and provide training and upgrade programs, fostering a sense of ownership and self-worth among women skilled workers.


Storytelling and Connection:

Handmade art carries stories and cultural significance. Our entrepreneurs use this aspect to build meaningful connections with customers. By sharing the stories behind the handmade craftsmanship and the artisans involved, entrepreneurs can connect more deeply with shoppers, cultivating appreciation and fostering creativity and craftsmanship.


Our fashion entrepreneurs have the ability to empower women artisans, promote handmade craftsmanship, and help shape economic and ethical frameworks. By acknowledging women’s traditional skills, upholding cultural legacies, and embracing uniqueness and authenticity in designs for women artisans, our fashion business has a positive impact on both the fashion industry and the lives of artisans.


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Meet Ferzin Escale

Escale is created by fashion entrepreneur Ferzin Irani. The brand combines the stunning simplicity of sustainable natural fabrics with the surprise of hand woven artisan art, empowering financial independence for the more

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