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Consumer Brand Social Media Trends We’re Hoping to See More of in 2024

As you were casually scrolling through your favourite social platforms this year, you may have noticed a refreshing shift. Between the perfectly curated posts,...

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What is Lemon8?

Before 2015, Instagram was the square-photos-only app that catered to its millennial audience with a touch of “amaro.” Fast-forward to 2023, and we see...

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How to Choose your Influencers

How to Choose Your Influencers Selecting the right influencers to collaborate with can make a world of difference in the success of your brand's campaign....

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AI Generate Content: Everything You Need to Know

In case you haven’t heard: AI-generated content has stepped into the spotlight. If you’re a professional in the digital media or tech space, then...

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Optimizing Ecommerce: Navigating Instagram’s Metrics

By: Emilia Vieni :- So you’ve found yourself in Instagram's insights checking out all the (hopefully positive?) stats and thinking, “okay, but what do...

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Social media agency based in Toronto

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Cleo Social is an everything-social agency based in Toronto, founded by two longtime friends and creatives, Irina Lerner and Blair Mlotek. After Irina grew two of her own businesses through social media, more

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